Welcome to the Realms Between the Mysts Edit

"It is the addition of strangeness to beauty that constitutes the romantic character in art."

-Walter Hagen


Reality can best be imagined as an endless turbulent ocean upon which can be found a seemingly endless row of bridged islands. Each island is unique with its own native inhabitants, many of which are perfectly content to remain on their island while others seek to explore or conquer adjacent islands. In this analogy, the ocean is the Mysts, a sort of backstage to all reality that cannot be traversed with a proper ship and the islands are realms or planes. It is far safer to use the bridges if you know where they lie. The islands are more or less oriented in ultimate good realms at one end and ultimate evil realms at the other. In the center exist 7 unaligned realms in which the mortals mainly live. Furthermore, all the good-aligned realms have a mirrored counterpart amongst the evil realms.

Gods Edit

Gods come in many forms. What defines a god may vary between races. and the universe is under no obligation to create gods that fit any definition. That being said there exists one rigid classification of Gods and they are the Planar bound gods. They are gods that draw power from the realm they reside on and can channel power across the planes. However, planar bound gods cannot leave their plane, they can only create temporary avatars on other planes. Aside from bound gods, there are unbound gods and primordials. Unbound gods can grant power in more limited ways, new ones can be created somewhat easily and they can travel between realms though they tend to be less powerful. Primordials come from outside of all known reality and though they had a hand in the creation of the many realms, most people are not aware of them.

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